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Global Recycling Certificate 2.0


Recording a plus for the environment and your portfolio

With global annual waste expected to increase by 70% over the coming decades and with currently only 16% being recycled, reforming waste management is one of the most pressing environmental challenges and will revolutionise the world’s recycling system. Investing in this sector not only benefits your portfolio, but also the environment.

Global Recycling Certificate 2.0

The certificate allows you to invest in companies that are likely to benefit from the growth in the global recycling industry. It covers companies that are actively involved in waste management with technologies, products or services. Among them are recycling and water treatment companies as well as providers of other environmental services such as waste monitoring and control.

Increased growth potential
Broad diversification
Professionally and actively managed
Traded on the SIX Swiss Exchange
CHF 9.- flat transaction costs

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Facts & Figures

Check out our infographic and fully discover why recycling is worth an investment.

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