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Swissquote Themes Trading Certificates are structured products based on a portfolio of stocks tied to a specific theme or industry sector, handpicked by our experts and constantly optimized to provide high potential returns.

They are ideal for everyone looking to invest in a sector they care about, but who do not have the time, knowledge or funds to build and maintain a full portfolio. Trade a balanced selection of stocks in a single click.

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China’s Dragons

ISIN: CH0434700248

long-term-3-icon.png LONG TERM   high-risk-2-icon.png MID RISK

China has embarked on a process of reform and modernization that has resulted in unprecedented economic development. Outside some minor tweaks to “Made in China 2025”, China will move undeterred to build leading companies.

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Global Defense

ISIN: CH0434695026

long-term-2-icon.png MID TERM   high-risk-2-icon.png MID RISK

US President Trump's foreign policy has disrupted historical geopolitical balance, sparking rapid escalation in global defense expenditures. As nations adjust to this new global reality, spending on defense will continue to surge.

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Digital Payments

ISIN: CH0434695034

long-term-2-icon.png MID TERM   high-risk-2-icon.png MID RISK

Businesses and consumers are demanding in faster, safer, and more convenient payment methods. Various alternative methods and platforms will keep rising as cash and credit cards progressively become obsolete.

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Rare Earth Metals

ISIN: CH0434695042

long-term-2-icon.png MID TERM   high-risk-2-icon.png MID RISK

Every investor should understand one critical trend: rare earth metals are crucial to modern technology. High demand and concern over access is expected to drive growth rate to over 10% annually over the next ten years.

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Awarded Best Equity Product 2018


ISIN: CH0372704327

Taking effect in Canada as early as 2018, the legalization of recreational pot is now a reality – this time supported by real economic fundamentals. It is set to become a very lucrative segment in the years ahead.

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African Consumer​

ISIN: CH0424523105

long-term-2-icon.png MID TERM  high-risk-3-icon.png HIGH RISK

The leading business opportunity in Africa is its rapidly expanding consumer market. Fueled by a flourishing population, urbanization and income growth, food demand is expanding at a significant rate.

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Online Gaming

ISIN: CH0355198034

long-term-3-icon.png LONG TERM   high-risk-3-icon.png LOW RISK

The video games industry is evolving faster than any other, constantly adapting to the latest technological breakthrough. Digital distribution, mobile app development and online gaming are its fastest growing segments.

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Battery Industry

ISIN: CH0385843690

long-term-3-icon.png LONG TERM  high-risk-3-icon.png MID RISK

As battery technology advances and innovations follow, makers of energy storage devices and battery materials are well positioned to seize emerging opportunities.

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