An investment and saving solution for simplicity-seekers, offering professionally predefined strategies for every risk appetite.

Key advantages

Attractive interest & return-oriented strategies
Designed to offer noteworthy saving interests and return-packed opportunities

Affordability at the core
Investing at competitive prices & fee-free saving

Professionally predefined strategies
Ready-made strategies designed to boost your investments or savings


How hungry for performance are you?

We know that a solid strategy is paramount to fulfilling investments and worthwhile savings. We propose two types of professionally predefined strategies: a Saving Strategy, and 3 investment ones, depending on what type of financial action you fancy.

Let our solution do the talking for us

Check out how Invest Easy works before committing: bid farewell to navigating the overwhelming choice out there and fearing a bad investment or saving decision, and welcome the simplest and affordable way of making the most out of your capital.

Free of off-putting prices

Put your capital to work for you, affordably: Investment at competitive fees, saving with attractive interests.



Saving strategy

Interest rates

Cash deposit





0 – 50’000





50’001 – 100’000





Over 100’000





Conditions and Fees

Cash-out limit


Notice period to exceed cash-out limit without penalty

3 months

% penalty over 25’000 cash-out


Strategy fee

No fees

Minimum deposit


*Not applicable to transfers to another Invest Easy strategy or currency conversions within Saving Strategy, which are free of restrictions and limit.


Prudent Strategy, Balanced Strategy, Ambitious Strategy


Prudent strategy

Balanced strategy

Ambitious strategy

Product fees*




Strategy fee

Yearly management fees of 0.60%

Minimum deposit**

CHF/ USD / EUR / GBP 500

Minimum reinvestment**

CHF/ USD / EUR / GBP 100

*The product fees are subject to change over time, depending on the underlying costs and the weight of each underlying.

**If deposit/reinvestment is made in a currency other than CHF, the funds will first be converted towards CHF with a 0.95% fee.

Do you want to know more? Check our FAQs!


The step by step to painless investment and saving


Open your account and activate Invest Easy via Account overview.

Already a client? Activate Invest Easy.


Pick a strategy according to your risk tolerance or saving goals.


Let our investment solution put your finances on track for the future!

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General questions

Why should I use Invest Easy?

If you just started sinking your teeth into the investment world and you find it too vast; if it’s hard for you to put money aside and make it grow; or even if you’d just like a little bit of guidance along the way, Invest Easy is the best complement to your finances.

With professionally predefined strategies, competitive pricing and user-friendliness at its core, our tool allows you to save your money while generating interest, or to automatically invest it in a variety of products, so your assets and capital are put to work for the long term.

What currencies are available?

Both saving and investment strategies are available in CHF, EUR, USD and GBP. However, regardless of your account’s main currency, investment strategies (Prudent, Balanced and Ambitious) invest only in CHF. This means that the investment amount will always be converted to CHF first.

How do I top up my Invest Easy?

You can top up your Invest Easy with your credit card or by transferring funds to your account, either as a one-off payment made at your convenience, or by setting up regular payments.

If you’ve chosen one of our investment strategies, after your entry deposit of a minimum of CHF/EUR/USD/GBP 500, Invest Easy will automatically invest your available cash balance anytime there are at least CHF/EUR/USD/GBP 100 in your account. Your account details can be found under Payments & Transfers.

What are the costs of Invest Easy?

Invest Easy’s Saving strategy is fee-free.

The investment strategies cost a flat fee of 0.60%. To this, external product fees are added, based on the strategy chosen*:

• Prudent Strategy: 0.21%

• Balanced strategy: 0.19%

• Ambitious Strategy: 0.14%

*The product fees are approximate and subject to change over time, depending on the underlying costs and the weight of each underlying.

Can I open multiple Invest Easy accounts?

When it comes to the investment strategies, you can open as many Invest Easy accounts as you wish, bearing in mind that each account allows for one single strategy. On the other hand, the Saving Strategy allows only for one account. Furthermore, remember that you can also switch strategies anytime.

How can I invest in multiple strategies?

By opening as many Invest Easy accounts as you wish, bearing in mind that each account allows to choose one single strategy.

How can I check my Invest Easy’s performance?

You can review the portfolio value and/or performance of your strategy on the Invest Easy dashboard. The performance is expressed both in terms of absolute performance (actual performance of your investment, in figures) and Time Weighted Rate of Return (historical performance of your portfolio, in percentage). Click on the indicator of your choice to reflect the performance in the chart.

Additionally, Invest Easy clients receive their Annual Performance Report for each one of their accounts, which can be downloaded from the section “Documents” in their Invest Easy dashboard.

Can I change my strategy anytime?

Of course! You can always explore switching strategies to find out which one works best for you based on your profile or objectives. Remember that you can always use the projected performance simulator to have a better idea of what each strategy would do for your capital.

Can my Invest Easy account be overdrawn?

It cannot.

What are the legal Terms & Conditions of Invest Easy?

Please refer to the Special Conditions Invest Easy.

Saving Strategy

What are the main benefits of the Saving Strategy?

• Attractive interest rates up to 2%

• Multi-currency strategy: your capital can be in CHF, EUR, USD and/or GBP

• Easy transfer of funds between Invest Easy strategies and currencies without withdrawal limitations or conditions

• Bankruptcy privilege up to CHF 100’000

What are the costs of the Saving Strategy?

Invest Easy’s Saving Strategy is fee-free.

Are there different preferred interest rates per currency?

Yes, the interest rates vary depending on the currency of your funds and the amount. To know more, check the pricing section of this page.

How do the degressive interest rates work?

The interest rates are applied per amount range. This means that if a client makes a cash deposit of, for example, CHF 150’000 into their Saving Strategy, the interest rates would apply as follows:

• 1% on the first tranche of CHF 50’000

• 0.50% on the tranche from CHF 50’000.01 up to CHF 100’000

• 0.10% on the remaining CHF 50’000

Please notice that these ranges and interest rates are subject to change over time. You will be notified accordingly.

How are interest rates calculated for a given period?

They’re pro-rated across 360 days for CHF/EUR/USD, and across 365 days for GBP.

When is the accrued interest paid?

It is paid annually on 31 December.

How much money do I need to start?

Our Saving Strategy starts generating interest from CHF/EUR/USD/GBP 1.-

Is there a maximum amount remunerated?

No, your saving funds will generate interest regardless of the amount.

What are the withdrawal conditions and penalties of the Saving strategy?

Clients can cash-out their saving funds up to CHF/USD/EUR/GBP 25’000 per month. However, this limit does not apply to transfers between Invest Easy strategies nor between currencies, which can be made anytime without penalty or limitations.

If you wish to cash-out a higher amount than 25’000 in the same month, a notice period of 3 months is required in order to avoid penalties. Otherwise, a 1% penalty applies to any withdrawn amount above 25’000.

Can I transfer my saving funds into a different Invest Easy strategy?

Yes, anytime and without any withdrawal limit or conditions.

Can I convert the currency of my saving funds?

Yes, anytime and without any limit or conditions.

Can I simply open an Invest Easy account to save without investing?

Absolutely. Simply choose our Saving Strategy and fund your account with the amount of your choice to start generating interest.

How many Saving accounts can I have?

You can have one single Saving Strategy active in your Invest Easy account. However, remember that you can open as many Invest Easy accounts as you’d like, taking into consideration that, if you already have a Saving Strategy active, only the investment strategies will be available for your additional Invest Easy accounts.

Investment strategies

What are the costs of the investment strategies?

The investment strategies cost a flat fee of 0.60%. To this, external product fees are added, based on the strategy chosen*:

• Prudent Strategy: 0.21%

• Balanced strategy: 0.19%

• Ambitious Strategy: 0.14%

*The product fees are subject to change over time, depending on the underlying costs and the weight of each underlying.

The following fees are already included in the offer:

• Transaction fees

• Deposit fees

• Incoming fund transfers (from bank or post office accounts)

• Outgoing payments in Switzerland and Liechtenstein in CHF/EUR and SEPA credit transfers

• Annual report/Tax return/Income statement

Furthermore, no stamp duties are applicable.


The following costs are not included in the offer:

• Stock exchange fees

• Exchange fees (spread) if deposit/reinvestment is made in a currency other than CHF: 0.95%

How long does it take for a new investment strategy or a switch of strategies to be effective?

A strategy is active and a switch effective as soon as it is selected, and up to the moment where you decide to stop it via the Setup option.

How long does it take for the deposited money to be invested into the selected strategy?

The funds will be invested no later than the following business day after the deposit is made. Please bear in mind that the funds will only be invested if the minimum initial and/or reinvestment deposit amount is reached (CHF 500* for initial deposit, CHF 100* for reinvestments).

*Or any other currency of your choice (EUR, USD or GBP)

What is the frequency of allocation and relocation of the invested strategies?

• Once the minimum deposit is made (CHF 500* for initial deposit, CHF 100* for reinvestments): No later than the following business day.

• When switching between investment strategies: No later than 2 business days after the switch.

• During the review of the strategies by our Investment Committee, if changes are applied (composition, weighting, etc.): Quarterly.

*Or any other currency of your choice (EUR, USD or GBP)

What type of investment products does Invest Easy work with?

The investment strategies propose Tracker Certificates, tailor-made by Swissquote’s experts. With Tracker Certificates, investors have simple and cost-effective means of investing in an entire stock market without having to own each of the individual stocks, fixed income, commodities, real estates or cryptos. Tracker Certificates also facilitate access to exotic markets in which clients would otherwise not be able to trade via their bank or broker.

Tracker Certificates have been for years one of the most popular structured products. They trade in lockstep with the price movements of a given index. Most of these products are tied to recognised stock market barometers. Thus, with a single investment in a Tracker Certificate, investors can diversify their risk exposure across a wide range of individual stocks, fixed income, commodities, real estates or cryptos through ETFs and ETPs.

To know more about the composition of each strategy, with the type of investment products proposed and the assets list, click on the links below:

Prudent Strategy composition

Balanced strategy composition

Ambitious Strategy composition

How risky are the investment strategies?

As risky as you’d like them to be. Invest Easy’s predefined strategies are designed to fit all risk appetites, with several levels of acceptance to exposure, fluctuations and losses. You control the risk, Invest Easy applies the strategy.

How much money do I need to start?

Only a minimum of CHF/EUR/USD/GBP 500. However, nurturing your Invest Easy account is key to building a solid portfolio and you can easily do so by setting up a recurring transfer of a minimum of CHF/EUR/USD/GBP 100. Every time that your Invest Easy account holds such amount or more, the funds will automatically be invested according to your strategy.

How easily can I withdraw my money?

You can always stop Invest Easy! Your assets will be sold and you’ll be able to withdraw them, totally or partially. You can also choose to re-invest them with the same or a different strategy, or to place them into our Saving Strategy to benefit from attractive interest rates and the bankruptcy privilege of up to CHF 100’000.

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